Matthew Simmons is a conceptual music and portrait photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Matthew left his background as a graphic designer behind in 2011 to pursue photography. He cut his teeth studying under internationally recognized photographers like Jeremy Cowart, Mark Seliger and Dan Winters. Matthew learned everything he could about lighting, technique and subject chemistry. Applying his eye for composition, his aptitude for lighting and all the knowledge he gathered from his mentors, Matthew is able to capture images in a way that is uniquely his.

Matthew is an artist inside and out. He spends much of his free time illustrating, painting, writing, and singing in the shower. He strives to incorporate every facet of his art within his photography. Always dreaming up new ways to make an image, Matthew is often found in the studio "playing" with his craft. 

While Matthew is very serious about his work, he certainly can't be called a serious person. He is always trying to make people laugh, goofing around and constantly dancing (poorly). Matthew always has a grin on his face while he shoots, and is sincere about trying to make his set enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Matthew's end goal as a photographer is to leave behind a legacy of hard work, innovation and good will.