Hi, my name is Matthew and this is my work.

My parents used to call me a serial hobbyist. When I was a kid I wanted to try everything, but never wanted to commit to anything. I did it all. I played soccer, basketball, baseball, I wrestled, I practiced karate, I learned how to skate, I was in the Boy Scouts, I won the spelling bee, I read books like a maniac, I made comics and short films… I wanted to be a painter and an engineer and a graphic designer and a psychologist and a doctor. You’d think that inquisitive nature would make me a good student but the truth is I squeaked by every year, doing just enough of the boring work to give me time to go nurture one of those fleeting hobbies. After a while, I’d get bored of most of those things and move onto something new. I wrestled for a season. I did karate until a classmate made fun of me for it. I played baseball until I realized standing then running then standing then running then standing then running got old really fast.

I’ve never been able to get away from creating images though. It’s the one constant thread through my whole life. I love it. I can’t not do it.

Right now what that means for me is taking a hell of a lot of pictures. I started taking pictures in college and was instantly hooked. What it meant for me as a 12 year old was creating a series of Dragon Ball Z fan fiction mangas. Not sure what I’ll be doing 20 years from now but I imagine I’ll be making images, with or without a camera.

Like I said, I love my work. I love the amazing and talented friends I get to work with every day. I’d love for you to be one of those friends too. Shoot me an email and lets get started!