Testing with Celia Harris

I don't get many opportunities to shoot personal work, let alone testing with models. Most of my time is spent responding to emails, avoiding phone calls and finding time for 10 minute naps. On days that I do get to shoot, it's usually a commercial job or something for a client. Which is great, obviously ($$$) but sometimes its good to just kick back and shoot a friend in a relaxed setting. No deadlines, no rush, no expectations. Just photography. 

Celia messaged me a few weeks ago saying she'd be in Nashville and would love to shoot with me. She signed with Ludlow Scout recently and is very quickly building a strong portfolio. 

I took Celia out to my favorite spot in Nashville, a secluded little cliff jumping area. I basically live here during the summer. 

I really hope to do more short and sweet projects like this soon. A lot of my friends live for this, they always have their camera on them and take as many photos as they can of all the people they know. I'm going to work harder to try to do that too. 

For now, enjoy the rest of the photos!