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Portrait Session

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What’s this all about? 


I’m all about making connections. I want as many people as possible to not only see my work, but to be involved in my work. I know there’s a lot of people out there, friends and strangers alike who would love to book a shoot with me, but might not have the time or money to do so. This day is a solution to that problem, allowing anyone and everyone to book a short portrait session marked well, well below my normal rates. By packing multiple sessions into one day in 30 minute intervals I’m able to mark my pricing per individual down considerably. 


I want to use this day as an opportunity to deepen standing relationships, and hopefully start a few new ones.


What kind of portraits will you be taking? 


You’ll walk away with two fully edited photos. Matthew will be utilizing two different setups for your portraits, one clean and bright, the other darker and more experimental. Each portrait will be a great sample of the two sides of his personal style.


What should I expect when I arrive? 


Arrive camera ready. We’re packing a lot of sessions into one day so we need to be efficient. Each session will last 30 minutes. That said, don’t stress out over the time frame! We’ve allotted plenty of time to get great shots.


How much does this cost? Are there any extra fees?


$150 flat. No taxes, fees or extra bells and whistles involved. Pay $150, get two bad ass portraits. 


What do I wear? 


This is totally up to you, but pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in, and one that speaks for your personal style. A general rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Crazy prints, patterns and colors are great but can sometimes make a photo look too busy. Its not required, but a backup outfit is always a good idea, just in case your first outfit doesn’t work out. 


Are you offering hair and makeup? 


No, we are not offering any hair and makeup so arrive camera ready!


Can I bring my kids or pet/pets? 


The lighting setup for these portraits will be a one-person setup. As a result, Matthew will be unable to accommodate portraits of more than one person at a time. You’re more than welcome to bring your children along for your session, however if you would like portraits of them as well, you will need to book a separate session for each of them. 


Pets are a different story. If you want your portrait to include your dog, cat, snake or mongoose, feel free. I’m down for that. 


If I want more than two photos, can I buy more? 


The short answer to this is no. We only want to deliver the very best photos from each setup. 


Do I get to pick which photos I get? 


Again, the short answer to this is no, however I do want your input. You’ll get to see the photos during the shoot so you’ll get the opportunity to tell me which ones you like, but I’ll be making the final selects. 


How will I receive my photos? 


Allow me 2 weeks to edit your photos. I’ll deliver them to you via a dropbox download link to your email address.


Can I make changes/edits to the photos after I receive them? 


No, please don’t further edit the photos! The editing process is part of Matthew’s final vision that you are paying for. Editing the photos is not only copyright infringement, but defeats the purpose of hiring Matthew to create killer images for you.


Where can I post my photos? 


You can use your portraits for anything that you wont make money off of. For example, you CAN post your portrait to Facebook or Instagram, but you CANNOT use it for your album cover. You CAN make a print of your portrait to hang in your house but you CANNOT print your portrait for an advertisement for your business. These portraits are personal use only. If you’d like to use your portrait for commercial use, feel free to let me know and we can work out a licensing agreement at an additional fee.