New Work: Desi Robinson

I get bored. I get bored very easily. This goes for pretty much everything in my life, but it's most evident in my work. One thing I've never wanted to be is typical, and definitely not average or predictable. As a result, I'm always trying to find new ways to make images. Most of these experiments are failures, and most of them look pretty awful. But every once in a while I find something that works. 

The majority of my last three years as a photographer have been spent studying under other, more credible photographers. I've worked for some of the most reputable artists in the world, and a lot of their techniques have rubbed off on me. I'll admit, I'm a product of my environment, and the technique I used in this set is not my own, but one that I've seen many other photographers use. 

I used a projector to display images on top of Desi and light her in ways that you just can't get with natural light or strobes.

The last two images are just Desi rocking some window light. Simple and straightforward.

Check out the result below.