Nashville Photographer Meetup 2015

A month ago I was having drinks with a few photographers at a bar in Nashville, celebrating a birthday. We talked about a lot of things; client horror stories, the state of the industry, etc. But one topic that kept popping up was how much we love each others work, and how we wish we could see each other in action more often. 

This got me thinking... Why not get a group of photographers together and just... Shoot each other? I've heard of photographers meeting up for shoots like this before, its not like its a unique idea. But I started thinking none-the-less, that we should gather together and shoot each others faces off. 

This idea actually sounds kind of peculiar when you think about it. After all, we are all competitors. We bid for the same jobs, we fight for the same following. Why would we want to get together to give away our secrets, and in the end, help the competition get better? I guess that's just Nashville. Or maybe it's our generation. None of us here feel animosity or contempt for each other when we lose work to another. We genuinely want each other to grow, because we want Nashville to grow as a creative metropolis. 

I set a date in the studio and sent invites to every photographer I could think of who I thought would benefit or enjoy the gathering. At first I was skeptical and nervous, I thought maybe it would turn into a bunch of awkward nerds standing around with beers, staring at each other, not sure who would take the first picture. 

Holy sweet baby Moses, was I wrong. The energy was incredible. We jumped right into photographing each other, drinking, dancing and eating til we couldn't any more. 

*Above photos courtesy of Emily McGonigle*

In the end, I am just so blown away by the talent my city houses. I am so thankful for these people, and the encouragement they provide myself and each other week after week. 

And before I go, please check out the portfolios of these photographers.

Cedrick Jones:

T Sam Pierce:

Emily McGonigle:

Jake Giles Netter:

Tyler Sharpe:

Risha Chesterfield:

Daniel Chaney:

Mika Matin: